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Please give me your support with this short survey to provide my company, Airfromthere, with useful data. We wish to continue building this product to be enjoyed by people throughout the world.

As a thank you for your support, we will provide each participant of this survey with an Airfromthere keychain of their choice.

As you may already know, Airfromthere keepsake products provide individuals with a new ability to capture and memorialize special events in their lives. Unlike collecting photographs, videos, seashells, or sand; consumers can capture and save their memories into a variety of themed Airfromthere products with just the press of a button. The keepsake operation is simple, the interior is in a vacuum and when you press the button, the aura and excitement in the air around you is pulled in, captured, and sealed into it forever. Every time you look at it from then on, you will reimagine that great event in your life.

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