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• Who We Are
Launched in 2009, AirFromThere® has pioneered a unique type of memorabilia which captures a sample of surrounding air from vacation spots and special events. AirFromThere® products provide sports fans, travelers, and all individuals an opportunity to take a true piece of special holidays, family events or vacations, home with them.

• What We Do
AirFromThere® manufactures various sports and event theme, keychain and medallion style souvenirs. These memorabilia are manufactured and delivered to our assembly facility with the interior of the vessel that has a special vacuum chamber installed. This technology allows air to be captured by the (Airting™ Patented 2014) 'Memorabile Vessel'. Using this innovative device, you can then easily harvest air from special events and transfer that air into the miniature, vacuum sealed interior to preserve it forever.

• How We Work
AirFromThere® members and non-members can go online (www.AirFromThere.com) and order our products from many categories. These categories include: Sports, Religious, Educational and Entertainment events. Our website allows visitors to navigate and select from many venues, sports categories and popular interests. The shape of our product identifies the venue. For example a Football Shaped Keychain. Fans of this sport can take their Airting™ key-chain to a major football game like the Super-Bowl. Because the souvenir's interior is in a 'high vacuum state', visitors can press the button on the Airting™ and capture the energy swarming in the air at that event. The air is forever captured in this keepsake so that someone can reminisce that moment every time they touch it.

• Collectors Items
Also available for collectors of AirFromThere® products is a 'Specially Designed Diary'. This diary has lined and numbered pages in the beginning to write down one's vacation, travel or event experiences. Our diary features a special compartment with small, individual cells to store each collectible. These cells are numbered to index those collectibles with special thoughts of which you may write about for each event.

• AirFromThere® Inc.
We are incorporated in the state of Delaware, with offices in
New York which operate franchises/partnerships worldwide.

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